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Rapid test is a simple alternative to traditional testing methods, providing results when and where they're needed. On the market, most of the rapid tests/strip tests can only determine the quality or semi-quantitative of the sample, and regular test could take several hours for the quantitative measurement. The rapid test reader has been developed to determine quantitative of the sample in minutes.

Physicians, patients, and managed care organizations have all benefited from The RTR because of the following:

  • Provides a fast, easy test to detect subclinical conditions
  • Only needs small quantities of test samples, usually less than 100 µl
  • In-office testing, monitored by professional/experienced person
  • Proven accuracy results quantitatively
  • Inexpensive
  • How to make the Rapid Test Reader work with your test cassettes? Just send us your test cassettes and we will customize the Rapid Test Reader for you.

    Cat No.: GM510100
    Size: LBH 400300150(mm)
    Weight: 4kg
    Power: 110v
    Frequency: 50HZ+/-2%
    Power Input: 8w
    Working Condition:
    Environmental Temperature: 5ºC-35ºC
    Optimum Temperature: 20ºC -28ºC
    Humidity: <80%
    Optimum Humidity: 35%-55%
    Air Pressure: 860kpa-1060kpa
    Stability: The absorption variation because of instrument excursion maximum +/-1 in 30 minutes.
    Voltage Influence: The absorption varies maximum +/-1when the voltage varies from 198v to 242v.
    Cut-off Value:
    HCG: 25mIU/ml
    AFP: 30ng/ml
    PSA: 4ng/ml
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